Wood-burning fireplace insert vs traditional

Wood-burning fireplace insert vs traditional

If your house has a traditional fireplace, you might love the authentic crackle of the fire and the warm ambience that fills your rooms. But that romantic hearth is costing you money—90% of the heat generated by an open fire goes right up the chimney.

The remedy? A wood-burning fireplace insert captures the good vibes and keeps your heat from going up in smoke.

A wood-burning fireplace insert is a metal box that fits inside your existing masonry fireplace opening. A decorative flange fits around the outside edges so that no gaps appear between the unit and the sides of the fireplace. A new metal chimney liner is required to carry combustion gases and smoke up through your chimney.

Fireplace inserts have clear heat-proof glass doors. The best designs circulate air within the firebox in a way that helps keep the glass clean.

Wood-burning fireplace inserts heat 1,000 to 3,000 square feet, depending on their size. Talk to your insert dealer about the size of your existing fireplace and what heating capacity you can expect from an insert.

Inserts cost $3,000 to $4,000, including installation and a chimney liner.

Read more: http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/fireplaces-chimneys/wood-burning-fireplace-inserts-save-energy/#ixzz24D0RD1Gl

  1. by Gasshoppe
    We think it comes down to personal preference and how much maintenance you are willing to do. Lovely article! Thank you!
  2. by Einsatz Kamin
    I think wood burning fireplace insert is better to use. It tends t o add beauty to the home along with it. Isn't it? Anyways, thanks for sharing this informative post.
  3. by Gasshoppe
    There is nothing better than sitting in front of a fire place. It doesn't matter whether its traditional or an insert, both are lovely in winter!
  4. by The Gas Shop
    Great Post! I myself prefer wood burning fireplaces

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