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December 2010 North Seattle Home Sales

I read some positive real estate news in the Seattle Times last week comparing the December 2009 Home Sales to the December 2010 Home Sales for King County.  Here is a link to the article:


I decided to pull a similar report for North Seattle. (From the Ship Canal to 145th St.)

Homes sold in December of 2010 were down about 5.5% from last December in North Seattle, and the average days on the market actually improved by about 3 days.

The minimum and maximum prices in North Seattle for 2010 were both significantly farther away from the median and averages than in 2009.  The average home price went up by almost $5,000, almost a full 1% increase.  The median home price fell by $11,000, around a 2.5% decrease.  Showing we have a number of low priced homes (short sales and bank owned properties) skewing the median price down, and a few really high priced homes skewing the average price up.

The last graph shows the number of homes sold by price ranges $120-299.9k, $300-599.9k, $600-899.9k, and $900+.  As you can see we had more homes sold for the $120-299.9k and $600-899.9 ranges, and less homes in the $300-599.9 and $900k ranges.

With prices down and rates beginning to rise, buyers are out in force, don’t get left behind!

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