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December 2010 Shoreline & Lake Forest Park Home Sales

After going through the North Seattle December 2009 vs December 2010 reports yesterday, we decided to focus today’s blog on the same comparison but with Shoreline and Lake Forest Park.

The numbers of homes sold in December of 2010 were up over 31% from the previous December in Shorelineand Lake Forest Park!  However, The average days on the market actually increased by about 21 days.

The minimum and maximum prices in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park for 2010 both significantly decreased, down 63k for the min and down 80k for the max compared to the 2009 prices.  The average home price fell by just over $16,000, a decrease of more than 4%.  The median home price fell by $11,000, also around a 4% decrease.  Showing that all home prices in these areas are down across the board.

The last graph shows a ton of strength in most price ranges with the sales under $300k range up 50% from last December!  The sales of homes under $600k and above $300k had a 25% increase.  The sales of homes under $900k and above $600k were also up significantly at 33%.  The homes above $900k are the very top of the market in these locations.  There is not a statistically significant number of homes in these areas for 2009 and 2010.

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