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Gardener’s Corner


There are some very important chores in this busy gardening month.  You’ll need to pull up dying summer annuals, plant new fall annuals and sew spring seeds and bulbs.  In flowerbeds, add amendments such as compost, gypsum, iron, etc. for good soil next spring.  Soil tests can tell you what your soil lacks.

This is also a good time to look over the tools and patio & lawn furniture.  Get ready to put them away in good condition by the end of September.  Repair, grease and sharpen tools as needed before storing them for the winter.  You’ll thank yourself next spring!

Most experts agree that September is the best month to aerate, dethatch, overseed and fertilize your lawn.  Cooler weather and fall rain promote root growth before hard winter sets in.  If you do all the steps listed above, DO NOT use a regular fertilizer…use a lawn-starting fertilizer formula.

Stay tuned for October gardening tips!

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