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Haller Lake – Northacres Park Renovation Update

We wanted to provide an update on the Northacres Park Renovation.  Chuck Cady and Associates called the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department to ask about how the project was going, and if there were any updates.  Originally the plan was to start construction in Winter 2010 to early Spring 2011 and finish in Spring of 2011.  There has been an update to the design that has pushed out this plan to start construction by early Spring, and complete in early Summer of 2011.

The original design of the Northacres spray park was for a flow-through water system.  Flow-through designs are cheaper to build, but end up using more energy and wasting water over time.  It was decided to use a recirculating water system instead.  A recirculating water system, costs more initially and is more complex to build, but is cheaper over time.  Also the water pressure is much better in a recirculating system, and ends up being more fun for the kids.  The plans are currently 95% complete, and the city will be asking for bids shortly.

Here are some links to the City of Seattle web pages for Northacres Park and the renovation.

Northacres Park Page

Northacres Park Renovation Page

Northacres Park Original Proposed Concept

Northacres Latest Published Plans (November 2010)

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