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How can contingencies protect you?

Housing inventory is continuing to improve and with that we are seeing the reemergence of contingencies, which is good news!  Including a contingency in your real estate offer defines a condition or action that must be met before the sale is finalized.  Contingencies allow a buyer to get out of a contract and in most situations retain their earnest money.
Here are a few of the more common contingencies that can protect your investment:
A financing contingency states if something goes wrong with your financing and you are not able to obtain a loan, the contract terminates and you can back out without penalties.
An inspection contingency allows you to have a professional home inspection done on the property within an agreed to time frame.
A home sale contingency is a must if you are selling your existing property and using a portion of the funds to purchase a new one.  Essentially, it says your purchase relies on your ability to sell your current home by a specific date. If you haven’t accepted an offer in that period, you can withdraw and get your earnest money back.
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