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***UPDATE*** Budget Cuts Impact Seattle Parks And Recreation

Great job keeping our pools, community centers, and parks open in 2010!

 The Mayor and the City Council are announcing the changes for the 2010 Seattle City Budget on June 14th at 10:30am during the Seattle City Council Budget Committee Meeting.

The good news is that all the Seattle swimming pools and community centers will remain open for the balance of 2010!  Great job to all of you who told your personal stories about the Seattle pools, community centers, and park services.  Your voice was heard!  The city council stated that, “Mid-year reductions also recognize the importance of Parks to residents of Seattle” in their agenda.

The most significant reductions to the Seattle parks department budget were closing or reducing open days for some of the city’s wading pools.  Also there were significant reductions to park maintenance, management, and personnel.

While this is fabulous news, keep in mind that bigger challenges are ahead in 2011.  There is currently a projected $50 million General Fund shortfall for 2011.  Many of the one-time tools the city used for the 2010 budget update are largely exhausted, and the City is not likely to have the same outcome with regard to direct services for 2011.

Please thank our Mayor and Council Members for their work to save our pools and community centers in 2010, and remind them of the importance of our pools, community centers and park services in 2011.  The City council will receive the results of the 2011 budget work on September 27th, 2010.

The Mayor’s contact information:

Send a letter: The Mayor’s Office, Seattle City Hall 7th floor, 600 Fourth Avenue, P.O. Box 94749, Seattle, WA, 98124
By computer:
Phone: (206) 684-4000

Seattle City Council Parks and Seattle Center Committee:

Chair Sally Bagshaw 
Phone: (206) 684-8801

Vice Chair Tom Rasmussen
Phone: (206) 684-8808

Member Bruce Harrell
Phone: (206) 684-8804

Alternate Member Jean Godden
Phone: (206) 684-8807


For more detail on the Budget Update meeting please see the following link to the City of Seattle Budget Update meeting agenda:

Here is a link to the Seattle Mayors Office which has a link to the video of the Seattle Budget Update meeting:

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